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Ultimaker users have been able to print all-metal parts on the company's Ultimaker S5 machine since Forward AM's Ultrafuse 17-4PH material printer profile was released in 2021. Now that so many FDM 3D printer manufacturers are rushing to introduce metal options , Ultimaker give the material more attention by making it easier to use on their machine.

This week, Ultimaker released its Metal Expansion Kit , which includes a stainless steel metal thread Ultrafuse with NFC, which allows the S5 to automatically recognize the material and launch the print profile; Ultrafuse Support Layer filament (only available in Europe); two special print cores; Magigoo Pro Metal - glue for adhesion; and access to the content of Ultimaker 3D Printing Academy, to help you get the most out of your metal stamping.

Metal parts 3D printed with Ultrafuse stainless steel filament on the Ultimaker S5 (Source: Ultimaker)

Parts that you print with metal filament on your Ultimaker cannot be used immediately after they are removed from the print bed. Like all metal filament, these "green parts" need to be further processed to become solid metal parts, so the Ultimaker kit also includes convenient packaging to send your part to an Ultrafuse post processor near you, and a voucher to cover the cost .

The Ultimaker wasn't the first FDM printer to come out with a metal kit. Printer manufacturer BCN3D introduced its Metal Pack in November 2021, which similarly includes Ultrafuse stainless steel filament (both 316L and 17-4 PH), Magigoo glue, and two hotends for about $1,000 total.

Raise3D and MakerBot also introduced Ultrafuse compatibility in 2021.

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