CAD or computer designed design is the use of computer software to design a physical object, part or product. CAD allows us to build a model in its entirety, in an imaginary space.
Provides opportunities to conceptualize the design idea and visualize the information before creating the physical model.


We offer a design completion program in which we can compose your requirements or simply create and print your design.


Our 3D scanning service is the fastest and most accurate way to 3D capture physical objects. We can easily scan 3D small and large elements, preserving all the details. Contactless 3D scanning is ideal for digitizing prototypes, converting matrices and even developing new products.


3D printing allows you to print objects, including shapes, prototypes, and more. 3D printing works by adding layers of thin material on top of each other to create your subject. 3D printing can be expensive, but our service offers a great way to print your design. 3MG Bonev Ltd. offers one of the best 3D printing. All you have to do is provide us with your file and choose your material. We will take care of everything else!