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Base display panel for vending machine. Material - ABS

Fast and strong solution. ABS material

Realized idea of Mariyanik Ltd.

An advertising inscription was made for a portal door of their production hall. The material used is ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene). The linear length of the inscription is 92 cm.

Caliper box.
Material - PLA

Arranging cables. Material - PLA / ABS

Volumetric letters. Material - ABS

Phone holder for Audi A6. Material - ABS

Camera tripod cap. Material - ABS

Cylindrical gear for juicer.

Material - Nylon (Polyamide). Large wheel - 51 inclined teeth; Small wheel - 12 straight teeth


Cylindrical gear

Cylindrical gear with keyway - 25 straight teeth. D1 - 18mm; de - 70mm; B - 34mm. Material - Nylon (Polyamide).

Bushing switch for Nissan Atleon.

Material - Nylon (Polyamide).