From kayaks to superyachts, additive manufacturing is making "waves in the marine sector". Although 3D printing is often discussed for its usefulness in helping to make parts while at sea or to make parts that have been interrupted due to supply chain issues, it is also increasingly being used to create entire boats. Such is the case with a new 3D-printed water taxi made by Al Seer Marine and Abu Dhabi Maritime, which also has the distinction of breaking the previous Guinness World Records title for the world's largest 3D-printed boat.

Fully 3D printed boats are not exactly new. In fact, both previous world records for largest 3D printed boat were held by the University of Maine. First up for the 3Dirigo, a 25-foot (roughly 8 meters), 5,000-lbs vessel made by Advance Structures and Composites University on what they claim is the world's largest 3D printer. This record was again broken by the university by a patrol boat made for the US Marines, which, although no exact information is given, is believed to be twice the size of the 3Dirigo. Now the 3D printed water taxi will hold that distinction with its new Guinness World Record.

The 3D printed water taxi broke the Guinness World Record for the largest 3D printed boat

The size of the vessel is certainly not small. It is 11.98 m or about 39.3 feet long and the weight is not yet known. That certainly puts it ahead of the 3Dirigo, although it's uncertain whether the other 3D-printed boat from the University of Maine was accounted for due to the secrecy surrounding its size for national security reasons. But size isn't the only thing to note.

Al Seer Marine, which has been using additive manufacturing for a number of projects since launching its AM business unit in January 2022, also points to the fact that 3D printing enables more sustainable manufacturing in the shipbuilding sector as a key driver behind the creation of this 3D printed aquatic fees. Accordingly, the water taxi was 3D printed with 67% recycled materials. Making significant progress in greener water transport.

In an Instagram post announcing the 3D printed water taxi, Al Seer Marine also notes: “This milestone is not just a breaking record; it is a call to action for the industry to adopt greener technologies. Let's continue to push the boundaries of innovation and sustainability, setting a precedent for the future of transportation worldwide." 

Al Seer Marine and Abu Dhabi Maritime collaborate on 3D printed boat to advance more sustainable water transport.


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