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If you're looking for functional (and fun) PLA printable designs, look no further. Check out this list of useful 3D printables!

A 3D printer is a great addition to any workshop. You can print tools for special projects or make replacement parts for broken items. And with a little outside the box thinking, the possibilities are almost endless.

As a material, PLA is excellent for printing many different items. It is affordable, easy to print, bio-based and widely available. These qualities almost make it seem like PLA is the ideal material for 3D printing. However, PLA also has some limitations.

PLA is slightly more brittle than other filaments with lower tensile strength, so it is not the ideal material for printing parts that will be subjected to high stress or extreme loads. Its low melting point is another drawback, so don't use PLA for anything that will be exposed to high (<70 °C) temperatures. This can be an advantage in some applications, such as when you need a PLA part to rest on an uneven wall surface.

However, the advantages of PLA far outweigh its limitations. As such, this list includes models that are very suitable for PLA that you can easily print on any 3D printer.

If you find some (or many) of these designs useful, but don't have a 3D printer, or have all filament but PLA, you can count on 3MG Bonev Ltd. for expert-level quality and a great selection of materials.

Now let's start printing some PLA!


For starters, you'll find an assortment of PLA-friendly models to help you with your electronics and keep your desk or nightstand clean, tidy and clutter-free.

Phone stand

Great tool for multitasking! (Source: johnroy22222 via Thingiverse)

Smartphones give us the ability to read books, take photos, watch videos, shows or movies, surf the web and, of course, communicate. This stand will hold your phone when you need to be hands free. It's great when you're trying to follow the latest recipe while cooking, or if you want to watch a video and jot down some notes.

Harry Potter Headphone Stand

Headphone Stand - For Harry Potter Fans (Source: 3DPrintBunny via Cults)

Are you a fan? of Harry Potter ? This headphone stand will make a great piece to add to any collection! This design requires three different prints and some assembly. For the full effect, you can print this in multiple colors.

And if you're looking for an alternative to Harry Potter , other designer ideas include  Star Trek ,  Stranger Things ,  Spider-Man and lovely hearts, among many others!

Raspberry Pi 4 Case

Secure Pi Hard to Work (Source: infestacool via MyMiniFactory)

Raspberry Pi 4 is a powerful computer in a small package. After you set up your Pi, it can just sit there, which can get in your way or even get damaged.

There are many variations that can be printed; this is a great option that protects your Pi. 

Holder for USB and SD card

You can put up to 31 storage devices in this organizer (Source: Lalo_Solo via Thingiverse )

If you have a 3D printer, Raspberry Pi board, or other small electronic device, you're probably familiar with the struggle of misplacing or confusing your various storage devices, such as SD cards or USB sticks. This model helps with that by offering a total of 31 storage device slots, including 8 full-size SD card slots, 8 for USB flash drives, and 15 for MicroSD cards. The organizer is ergonomic with a flat base, and the MicroSD card slots are angled towards the USB memory slots to keep the organizer low profile.


You can adjust the position of the arms and ball joint on this tripod (Source: Djanba via MyMiniFactory )

A tripod is a super useful gadget that you can use to position a camera, phone, or other tool or device. This tripod consists of nine 3D printed components and a few screws and nuts, so it shouldn't be too difficult to build. As for mounting anything to the unit, the designer states that the tripod has a universal camera mount screw that you can use.

You can also move some of the parts of the tripod, such as the legs and the ball joint, to move anything you have attached to it. Tightening the tripod screws will secure the position of the movable components.

Cable holder

This cable holder fits Lightning charger cables and other USB cables (Source: TJH5 via Thingiverse )

Keeping the cables on your desk organized can be a chore, especially when you have so many. This cable holder does a great job of keeping your various wires in one place so you won't have to worry about them falling off your desk.

The model has a flat base for easy attachment to a surface if you have double-sided tape or a pad. The model's ribbed open loop allows you to tuck cables in without them falling back out. According to the designer, the cable holder works with Apple Lightning and many USB cables, but you should be able to scale the model up or down accordingly to fit other cable sizes.


We'll also look at a few 3D printing tools designed for woodworking and materials handling like a sanding block and drill sharpener, as well as a few projects to keep your workspace organized and clutter-free.

4 in 1 tool

This functional tool lets you cut threads and PTFE tubing (Source: eZtaR via Printables )

This handy tool promises to quickly become a staple in your daily routine. The innovative tool can cut filament at 45 and 90 degree angles, while providing a dedicated space for cutting PTFE tubing at a perfect 90 degree angle. But that's not all! This compact tool also doubles as a threading attachment, allowing you to make efficient use of those short thread scraps that often accumulate.

Cable tape

The manufacturer claims that these cable ties can lift objects weighing up to 10 kg (Source: Extrutim via Printables )

You can use this cable tie to tie, hold or secure various items. It can hold all kinds of things, including cables, straps, and even tools like wrenches. The strap consists of two main components - a clip and a belt. The designer has uploaded belts of different lengths to tie all kinds of items.

Grinding block

This 3D printed tool will help with any wood project (Source: Perinski via MyMiniFactory)

Print this sanding block to add to any toolbox or workshop. The block can be scaled to accommodate different sizes for your needs. It has one flat surface and a curved surface for sanding. It also has grooves on the side that act as a handle.

Drill sharpener

This imprint will bring your old drills back to life (Source: mgx via Pinshape )

Attach this neat little gadget to your Dremel to sharpen those worn drill bits. This fixture is printed in one piece and threaded onto a rotary tool, such as a Dremel. The manufacturer of this fixture has successfully tested it on another rotary tool.

There are files available in three different angles: 90°, 118° and 135°.

Instrument panel

Have a place for everything and keep everything in its place (Source: dukedoks via MyMiniFactory )

Having to search for a tool when you need it can make projects frustrating. Tool boards are a good way to have a place for your tools and have everything ready when you need them. They will also give your workspace a nice, organized look.

A tool for measuring screws and nuts

A compact tool for referencing your metric screws and nuts (Source: Hiroloquy via Printables )

This measuring tool quickly identifies metric screws and bolts along with their dimensions. The model is a remix of the "Metric Screw Gauge". On the back there are additional slots for measuring the nuts of the corresponding screws and bolts.

The loop of the tool allows you to use it as a key ring and carry it anywhere with you. 


With the next few examples, we'll look at some projects that will keep your workspace organized and clutter-free. Get ready to say goodbye to messy desks!

Modular grid for organizing drawers

The Perfect Customizable Modular Storage Solution (Source: ChippWalters via Printables )

3D printers have a lot of small details and parts to keep track of, and they come out even more once you start printing. These open source modular drawer organizers based on Gridfinity allow you to print and generate endless amounts of custom drawer storage using inexpensive PLA filament.

Nozzle box

Storage of nozzles - infinitely simplified! (Source: JuliaEbert via Printables)

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to find the right nozzle size and material in a box full of loose printer parts. This nozzle holder allows you to organize and store the most common sizes in a secure box with clearly marked sizes.

This nozzle box is specially made for E3D v6 nozzles, such as those on Prusa printers. However, there are a number of remixes available, including some that accommodate 24 nozzles and one that accommodates the longer E3D Revo Six nozzles.

Customizable name tag

Personalize your workspace with a fun sign like this (Source: Schichtschmiede via Printables )

Here's the perfect addition to your desk setup. This captivating 3D printed name tag elegantly twists into a graceful circle. A personalized piece allows you to proudly display your name or text of your choice, adding a personalized touch to any space. The beauty of this nameplate lies in its versatility. It can say anything you want!

Flippy desktop calendar

Embrace traditional date-keeping with this versatile desk accessory and enjoy the satisfaction of staying organized in style. This compact calendar features a unique flip style design that allows you to seamlessly change the month and day by flipping the panels.
With large, easy-to-read numbers, you can combine colors to make this useful print match your decor or personal style. Stick with traditional black and white or go for more vibrant colors to really stand out. 

Sorting and storage box

This PLA print keeps your small items organized (Source: 3DED via Cults )

Tired of keeping your small items organized? Look no further, choose this 3D printed sorting box. Originally designed to store small beads, this versatile box is equally adept at keeping other small parts such as M3 or M4 nuts neatly organized, eliminating workspace clutter and saving you valuable time searching for lost items.

This easy-to-print box features a protective lid that ensures your items stay in place even if the box is shaken or moved, so you won't have to worry about spills anymore. Since the box is relatively simple and doesn't require any special material properties, PLA will do the trick.

Pen and pencil holder

Organized Chaos for Your Workspace (Source: Leseb73 via Thingiverse)

Instead of tossing your pens or pencils in a drawer or scattering them haphazardly across your desk, print this pencil holder. The unique design makes it one of a kind and useful for any workspace. 

Battery dispenser

A library of batteries! (Source: mredmon via Thingiverse)

Tired of rummaging through your drawer for another battery? This seal will not only hold your batteries, but distribute them as well.

After opening a new package, keep your batteries in place with this case. Scale it to fit sizes AAA through D and print one of each.


From the bathroom to the kitchen, the following items cover every room of your home. Print them out for instant usefulness!

Electric wall plates for the wall switches

Save yourself a trip to the store (Source: BigB3D via Printables )

One reason to buy a 3D printer is to cut down on trips to the hardware store by printing your own items. Custom electric wall signs that match your decor are a great example of practical 3D printing.

Pill reminder and organizer

Never forget - don't take your pills again! (Source: printfutura via MyMiniFactory )

Can't remember if you took your pills today? Stay organized with this pill organizer for through 3D printing. This stamp will help you visually confirm that your weekly pharmaceutical regimen is correct. The compact, sturdy and convenient design is portable and fits in your medicine cabinet.

The organizer includes seven labeled compartments, one for each day of the week. 

Vacuum cleaner nozzles

A tip for any vacuum job (Source: Ostat via Printables )

Most vacuum cleaners come with a limited set of nozzles to clean up crumbs caught between sofa cushions, dust bunnies under the fridge, or whatever is grunge on your computer keyboard. These tools are amazingly convenient and it's frustrating to try to replace them.

A travel case for your toothbrush

A sturdy travel case for toothbrushes (Source: JamesThePrinter via Printables )

Storing toothbrushes in purses and pouches while traveling may not be the healthiest option for your teeth. This 3D printed toothbrush travel case allows you to keep your brushes clean and hygienic while on the go.

Although there are food-safe PLA filaments available, it's best to clean both the brush and the box regularly. 

Watering bottle cap

A great way to reuse your PET bottles (Source: thejosh108 via Printables )

You can easily water your indoor and outdoor plants with this convenient watering bottle cap. All you have to do is screw it onto any PET bottle. This way you can repurpose some of the PET bottles left around the house, which is a great way to be eco-friendly!

Universal bottle opener

You can use the UBO in four different ways to open bottles or cans (Source: In3Designs via Thingiverse )

The Universal Bottle Opener is a multi-purpose tool that you can use to remove the cap from any type of bottle, including soda cans, Gatorade caps, beer bottles. According to the designer, the model was created in 123D Design and was made to help the designer's mother open drinks more easily.

Sheet pad holder 

Use the collected condensation on the mat to water plants (Source: CoryMakesThings via Printables )

At first glance, this model may look like a 3D printed plant, but that's not all. It is an ornamental plant designed to hold leaf-shaped rootstocks. You can leave your drink on the leaf and the water that drips down the side will collect on the pad.

There are at least three different leaf, tree and pot options to choose from. Use whatever combination you like and customize the decorative plant. After printing, hold something heavy at the base to make it easier to remove the leaves. This way, you don't need to hold the base every time.

Bag clip

This clever pouch clip is printed as one piece (Source: D4niel via Cults)

Leaving a bag open is the easiest way to make food, such as chips or bread, stale and tasteless. You can prevent this problem with this 3D printed bag clip. It has a hinge and snap mechanism designed to go around the bag and close it securely.


Finally, you'll find a few more useful models you can print with PLA. They defy categorization.

PLA glue stick

Turn your hot glue gun into a 3D printing pen (Source: Brodie via MyMiniFactory)

This revolutionary "glue stick" bonds parts together using the power of PLA instead of traditional glue. This ingenious creation combines out-of-the-box thinking with practicality, bringing you simple yet innovative printing. Specially designed to fit standard craft glue guns, this PLA stick takes your hot glue gun to the next level.

Once printed, simply insert a PLA stick into the hot glue gun. Then you'll have a giant 3D printing pen at your disposal, ready to connect PLA parts, fill gaps, weld seams, or bring your imaginative 3D creations to life. Say goodbye to messy glues and hello to using PLA for all your gluing needs.

Whistle for survival

Sturdy design works for a backpack (Source: jzisa via Thingiverse)

This design is a good addition to a backpack. It is rated at 118 decibels and tested for durability. It has been dropped numerous times, placed in water and even run over by a car. After all this, it still plays, which means it can go through a long transition and harsh conditions.

" Turntable "

Get a 360° view with this turntable (Source: Bribro12 via Thingiverse )

Build this turntable to take great photos or scan objects – or just admire your 3D prints from all angles! This design includes a handle to turn the gears, which in turn turn the table. Some assembly is required, with most parts snapping into place. After assembly, it is recommended to apply some lubricant to drive the gears.


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