Her Majesty the Queen of the Netherlands crossed the country's first steel bridge with 3D printing in Amsterdam's oldest district last week.

Printed by the robotic metal printer manufacturer MX3D and for almost seven years, the 12-meter "stainless steel" smart bridge includes a sensor network that will help Amsterdam researchers explore the role of IoT systems in the built environment.

The bridge's sensors, developed by a team of Autodesk researchers, track in real time how many people cross it and how fast as they collect structural measurements such as deformation, torsion and vibration, as well as environmental factors such as air quality and temperature. Together, this data is used to create a digital twin, which is the physical bridge for research purposes.

The MX3D bridge design by Joris Laarman Lab has been developed with generative design and topology optimization techniques to allow for its stunning design while making it lighter.


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