Learning is easier when it's fun, especially for younger people. Here are five popular video games to help you or your children learn the concepts of 3D design.

Both personally and professionally, 3D modeling skills are becoming increasingly valuable life skills. So, maybe it's a good idea to promote this skill early on. But if you had to introduce your children to 3D design concepts, where would you start?

If you think that sitting with children in front of educational videos for hours may not ignite their interest, video games can offer a fascinating introduction to the concepts and skills needed in 3D design. Below we have listed five games - available for all ages - that teach players some basic design principles, instill a sense of joy in creativity.


In Minecraft, an extremely popular game. There are both survival and creative modes that encourage many different design processes. Survival motivates players to build, while forcing them to consider their environment and needs, while creativity is free for all where players have unlimited resources. 

Even Autodesk recognizes the value of Minecraft in learning 3D design. They added a "blocks" feature to Tinkercad, which makes it easy to import 3D models into the game using a popular mod called MCedit.


IN Spore players are given a variety of model components (body parts) to change their appearance at each stage of their development. Creatures grow from unicellular to Earth dwellers, city builders and spaceships over time. Players design not only species but also their buildings as well as vehicles. With simple mechanics, Spore is a great place to start with younger children and excite them with unique creations. It's also easy to export and print your Spore creature 3D.


Think fast! Fortnite, the hugely successful Battle Royale game, has a key component for training design reflexes: building.

Fortnite's construction mechanics teach players how to think using available resources. Players learn that widely used designs are not accepted for any reason and that experimentation can be extremely useful.

On the other hand, Fortnite's creative mode gives players space to build together and share maps of their own design with the wider community. Game developers even say they see the creative mode as an extension of their gameplay and hope players will move from Fortnite to developing more advanced content in Unreal Engine.

Kerbal Space Program

IN Kerbal Space Program players are tasked with first building an orbiting spaceship for the space program of their kind.

It's really a physics simulator where players design spaceships that stubbornly fall victim to science. It requires skills to solve design problems. Players change their design to take into account the difficulties of starting, until finally - they succeed!

Failure is a major component of Kerbal Space Program and really makes mistakes fun. The consequences of a dysfunctional design can lead to the failure of your launch and descent to Earth, the explosion of your ship or ships out of control.


Roblox is a popular online game that introduces users to 3D modeling through a highly active community of designers.

The main software Roblox is a platform where creators are free to share or sell creations of varying complexity. Players build objects, make cosmetic changes or entire games, or by designing and importing custom networks. Roblox has no basic gameplay, everything is built by the community.

Roblox is incredibly scalable for skill design, but it's also great fun, regardless of the player's ability.


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