When they think of bank equipment, most people imagine old-fashioned money counting machines or the tools used by tellers sitting behind the counters. But as one of the oldest professions, with records dating back to around 2000 BC in ancient Mesopotamia, it stands to reason that banking and its institutions are constantly looking for innovation. As the banking industry evolves from its ancient roots, institutions like Diebold Nixdorf are at the forefront of innovation, using cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize their operations. A notable leap in this journey is the integration of 3D printing into their manufacturing processes and more specifically the 3D printing solutions of INTAMSYS .

Diebold Nixdorf is an American multinational company, a leader in the production of innovative banking solutions and retail technologies. In particular, the company specializes in banking automation, producing ATMs, smart safes and inquiry terminals. Since October 2020, Diebold Nixdorf has partnered with FPFTech (Fundação Amazônica for Support to Research and Technological Development Judge Paulo dos Anjos), a non-profit institution for research and development, to adopt additive manufacturing in its manufacturing processes with the support of INTAMSYS.

Diebold Nixdorf is known for its automated banking solutions (photos: Diebold Nixdorf)

Why did Diebold Nixdorf turn to 3D printing?

While banking solutions may not be what we hear the most about when it comes to applications where 3D printing is useful, in the case of Diebold Nixdorf it seems that it has become an integral part of manufacturing. Diebold Nixdorf selected two 3D printers to meet its production needs. This includes one of INTAMSYS, high-volume FFF 3D printer FUNMAT PRO 610HT for large parts and a wider choice of materials (especially with high-performance filaments).

But why exactly did Diebold Nixdorf turn to 3D printing? Well, it's a story we've heard over and over again, the adoption of additive manufacturing, especially through INTAMSYS, enabled the production of conceptual and functional prototypes with unprecedented precision and quality. All this while offering significant cost and time savings.

Julio Pinheiro, project manager at Diebold Nixdorf, further explains: “ The decision to use 3D printing came from the need to bring more flexibility to our product development. It enables rapid prototyping of complex components that previously required much more time and resources. Previously, we relied heavily on machining and building physical models, which honestly slowed down the development cycle. With 3D printing, we have not only accelerated this process, but also significantly reduced the costs associated with it. "

Front panel made using INTAMSYS FUNMAT PRO 610HT with support material removed (photo: INTAMSYS)

The choice of printer

It is no accident that the company turned specifically to INTAMSYS FUNMAT PRO 610HT, which has become the true workhorse of Diebold Nixdord. Since the demand for 3D printing has proven to be very important in the company, the machines work 24/7 while ensuring precision, something that the large format 3D printer FUNMAT PRO 610HT is well known.

In addition, with FUNMAT PRO 610HT it was possible to provide superior surface coverage for complex geometries. This helps Diebold achieve finer finishes that resemble injection molded parts to meet project specifications. High precision was also key with tolerances down to tenths of a millimetre, ensuring that parts not only fit perfectly but also functioned as expected.

For this reason, the materials were also crucial. FUNMAT PRO 610HT stands out for its ability to work with a wide range of materials, the print volume that fits perfectly with their projects and the fact that it does not work with closed media cartridges, as it works with any brand of filament.

Pinheiro expands: “ ABS is our material of choice most of the time because of its strength and ease of use. However, we always appreciate other materials that can meet the needs of any project. This is the advantage of FUNMAT PRO 610HT, it is a machine that accepts a wide range of materials .

Last but not least, with FUNMAT PRO 610HT Diebold was able to work with a wide range of sizes. For example, some projects required small parts, but there was also demand for large components. One such example is the front panel part of an ATM, which was able to take advantage of almost the entire available print volume of the FUNMAT PRO 610HT (610 x 508 x 508 mm).


In any case, the use of FFF 3D printing has been a huge success at Diebold Nixdorf. The company also notes that the manufacturing capacity they have achieved by adopting AM has allowed them to remain competitive while meeting tight deadlines. Especially considering the reliability of continuous printing with FUNMAT PRO 610HT.

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